Dogs and Decor - Pet Friendly Design

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

It's no secret we're all crazy dogs ladies over here at Farmhouse Living. I (Shelby) have three and they run the house. While we are renovating we are staying at my parent's house who also have three dogs coming to a total of SIX dogs in the house until we complete our 1960's ranch remodel. 

Our home does get hairy! Our pets do make messes and knock over the occasional beverage (red wine last week). All this to say, with six dogs you learn a few methods to keep the chaos to a minimum. We truly think you can have a house full of furry loved ones and still surround yourself with things you love! Today, we’re sharing our favorite tips for keeping (mostly) clean, happy and healthy pet-friendly home.


People often say, "I could never have a light couch with my dogs and kids." I promise this slipcovered sofa is dog proof. That's right SIX dogs on a white couch. Most people think we're crazy, but the slipcover washes to bright white every time and it’s not a huge deal if it gets dirty. Last week there was a glass of red wine on the side table and a tail got to wagging a little to hard and it flew right into the white couch. You can find our favorite slipcovered couch here. They have so many fabric choices and it's so affordable. My favorite color choices are bull natural and classic white!

Another tip when shopping for furniture is to choose an outdoor or pet-friendly fabric when it comes to upholstery. These fabrics are more durable and capable of withstanding pets. If you don't want your dogs on the furniture start early...and stick to it. It's too late for us, but with the big pups it's a good idea to keep them down if you can. 


Disguise the pet goods and create designed places for their things. My dogs LOVE toys. We have way too many of them. Keep them in a basket that you can store away or bring out when your pups are ready to play. 

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There's always a bucket of water waiting by the back door to clean their feet on the way in. Now you say "Show me your feet" and everyone is ready for a paw scrub.


This seems obvious, but a strong smelling clean candle is a MUST with pets. I choose stronger scents while we're all sharing the house with six dogs. Our Basil and Berries candle gives a clean scent to a not so clean house! 

Dogs and Decor 6.jpg


We Furminate and bathe our dogs often. If you have a pup with an undercoat like my golden then this will save your life too. The first time we used the Furminater I was mind blow by how much hair came off of this dog! It's kind of like popping a gross...ridiculously satisfying. I brush about once a month & more often in the summer.

Dogs and Decor 7.jpg

6. ROOMBA Y'all!

It changed my life. All my pups are rescue so I didn't chose them for non-shedding qualities. This means we have hair everywhere! I was nervous to make such an investment in a vacuum without knowing it was going to work for us. I stumbled upon a used one on a Facebook $50! It proved itself worth it and I quickly upgraded to the newer model. It's worth the price my friends. 

Dogs and Decor 15.jpg

Dogs are family to us and make our house a home. We're so thankful for our fur babies, dog hair and all. Are any of our readers crazy dog ladies?! Do you have any tips on pup friendly design!

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Photography: Charlee Tabor

P.S. this is what I'll do for a dog picture. Laying on the floor was the only way to get them to all stay put. Laughing tears were happening. So worth it!

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