Touch Gold Project

We're so excited to share the Touch Gold Project with you. We've shared bits and pieces of this project in multiple posts, but this is the FULL REVEAL of all we've completed in the remodel. In this post, you'll be able to shop all the finished spaces, see inspiration photos and a video tour. This is my parents "Forever Home." It had a great layout but was stuck in the 80's. They moved in Feb 2018 and immediately began making it their own. 


My mom has been decorating my entire life and she has always been "with the trends." In the 90's she had a pastel lavender and teal southwestern pattern couch. Let's just say the woman is fully committed when a trend comes 😉With this being their FOREVER home, we wanted the foundation of the design to be classic: white walls and hardwood floors. We then got "trendy" or took design risks in things that are easy to swap out or could be painted.  



Objective: Create a gathering space that allows them to rest and recover every day. 



1// COUCH $1333.67 | 2//  LIGHT FIXTURE $900 |3// DARK THROW PILLOW $24.99 | 4// LIGHT THROW PILLOW $29.99 | 5// FRINGE PILLOW $34.99 | 6// UTTERMOST MIRROR $315 | 7//  BAMBA POUF $79 | 8// BOTTOM RUG $269 | 9// TOP RUG $265.84 | 10// WHITE REAL TOUCH TULIPS $15.50 | 10// CURTAINS $259  | 11// COFFEE TABLE BOOK $19.95


Objective: Utilize the existing layout while giving the space a modern and functional update.



1// PENDANTS $300 2// HARDWARE HANDLES $12.99 | 3// HARDWARE KNOBS $9.50 4// HERRINGBONE TILE $13.99  | 5//  PUB LIGHTS $32 | | 6// TEA TOWEL $12.99 | 7// BREAKFAST NOOK CHANDELIER $699

CABINET PAINT COLORS: Sherwin Williams Pure White for Main Cabinets & Iron Ore for Island.

The Quartzite Counter Tops are Taj Mahal. 

Appliances: Kucht 





What are some memories that you’ve gained in your new home?

We’ve already made memories in our home as Tyler was home from college this summer and Shelby and Andrew moved in while they renovate their new home. Even though my kids are grown it’s been nice to lay in bed after a long day and thank God for this season to have all my chicks in the nest. I’m thankful we have the room to do that. We’ve also hosted friends from Taiwan here on furlough as well as lots of other friends and family! Even though the pool needs an update, the waters still cool and wet and everyone’s enjoyed escaping the Texas heat!

Which room in the house do you use the most?

The kitchen is the most utilized space in our home. We are foodies and we love to eat and feed anyone who comes by. Our electrician has been here so much we’ve become friends and when he comes close to dinner we’ll even feed him! 😉

What’s your best tip when renovating/remodeling a home?

The biggest tip in renovating is to follow your instincts. Do NOT pay a contractor in full until you’re satisfied with the work. And if you’re not an unreasonable person and you things are unsatisfactory then be confident in firing your contractor and find a new one who will professionally complete the project. Take charge, it’s your home. Your investment and you do a favor to let people know when they need to be of excellence, if they’re not they might need to find another way to make a living. We all have gifts, not everyone is a brick mason or a painter. I’m a great cook but a terrible painter. Lol

What’s your next project?

I hope our next project will be the master bath! I’m ready for a spa like retreat and a place to take a hot bath!


We are thrilled to share the #TouchGoldProject with you! It's been such a journey to create home here and we know it will continue to be a journey as a house become more lived in and curated. We're excited to share more with you.