Creating a home you love is often overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. We’re here to show you there’s another way.


Can you relate?

You aimlessly scroll through Pinterest feed pinning images to all of your beautifully organized boards, but you still have no earthly clue where to start?

You’ve thought about how wonderful it would be to hire an interior designer, but feel like it’s something you couldn’t afford.


You find DIY projects that you might like to try, but after reading the directions and looking at the supply list, all you want to do is crawl into bed, pop open a bag of chips and watch another episode of Fixer Upper.


Farmhouse Living is a design studio in Rowlett, Texas . We believe homes should reflect the people who live, work, and play within. When I say E-Design, I don't mean that our team just sends you an inspiration board and then we call it a day. We work with your budget and style to create a space unique to you. We'll even incorporate any of your existing pieces into the room design. You send us pictures and measurements of the space. After we receive your info, we setup a call and then start developing a space plan and design board with a shopping list and access to designer sources! 

We send your first E-Design draft digitally, where you can send up feedback and we implement one round of revisions. After revisions you receive your final design in the mail. We provide you with the resources, inspiration and support for you to install at your own pace!


  • Presentation board with personalized concepts for your space
  • A detailed furniture plan
  • Samples of suggested fabric, paint, wallpaper, tile, wood, carpet, hardware, etc.
  • A shopping list to source where to buy the recommended materials and furnishings for your space
  • A step-by-step set of instructions in order to unfold the design plan into the reality of your own space
  • One phone call with the design team
  • 4 weeks of post-design support

How it Works:

Step 1: Fill out questionnaire. Here you'll capture photos of all walls in the room as well as the furniture that you're wanting to keep in your design moving forward.

Step 2: Measure the space and submit photos and measurements.

Step 3: Let's get inspired and collaborate with a Pinterest Board.

Step 4: First draft of design and revisions.

Step 5: Your design delivered straight to your door with a video.



How long does the process take?

3-4 Weeks.

Do I have to buy all my stuff?

There is no obligation to purchase items from your shopping list. You may select which items you would like to purchase and buy them all at once or over time.

Where do you source from?

We source from a wide variety of high quality retailers, wholesalers and trade-only vendors to find the perfect pieces for your space and budget. I only source from places I trust. My goal is always for quality and a great price.