How to Make a House a Home

The feeling of home isn’t about the big gestures—the curtains, the rugs, the tables, and chairs—it’s about the well-love books on the shelves, the small of familiar, much-loved dinner wafting out the kitchen. When decorating your house it's so easy to get overwhelmed with the details and not know where to start.   Start with that one item that represents your family and brings you joy when you walk in the room. That piece could be a Bible verse you clung to in your life or an antique from a place that is special to you or even a color that has meaning. This is something you might consider splurging on since it's the center piece in your room, then be thrifty with the little details. Let that be your inspiration and start your decorating process there.   


With Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and Social Media in general it’s so easy to compare. To look at someone else’s space and be defeated thinking you can’t create something as beautiful for yourself. If our shop accomplishes one thing, my hope is that you feel inspired to be intentional with your home. No comparing.  No self-criticizing. Instead, take the space you have and do your best with it. Look at the world around you and find out what inspires you—use these very things to be the inspiration for your home and watch your room come alive. Let your family be your inspiration and create a space that is special to you.  

Happy Decorating!

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