Our Tips for Junkin' and Finding Unique Pieces


We love a well collected home—a space that has years of thoughtful sentiment in the design. This is why we love buying vintage so much. It creates such a unique look that will last and tell stories for years to come. Today we’re sharing our best tips for buying Vintage!

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1. Always Haggle

This is hard for me, but it's worth it to get a great deal. But if you know this piece is for you and you can't live without it and they deny your haggling then purchase! When you know it's for you, you know!

If you want a better price, ask for it. What’s the worst they can say? No? If they do say no, accept their answer and politely thank them.

Junking Shopping Vintage

2. Don't Rush

If you have a vision for something in a particular space, let yourself stumble upon it. I never find the pieces when I'm 'forcing' it, but often times I'll be out shopping for another project and I will notice a piece I was looking for.

3. Ask for the Story

This is the most fun part of finding vintage pieces. Often times the seller knows a history behind the kind of item, or maybe even has a story specific to that piece. Indulge them, they usually love getting to tell you about it.


4. Plan Ahead

If there is a piece you are specifically looking for, I would plan ahead so you have an estimation of what you'd be willing to spend. I know this is conflicting with my tip to not rush, but I share this so that you can google pricing ahead.

5. Go With A Budget

This is another difficult one, but will help you in the end. When you have an amount you can’t go over, it will make you think about the importance of each purchase. Once you reach your budget, you will see that you are walking away with the essentials and not every piece you just ‘liked’.




1. Estate Sales. Ask to be added to the email list. Most of the time, it’s a company running the sale and more often then not, they host one, sometimes two a weekend. This way you don’t miss a sale and by becoming a familiar face, it gets you in the know and sometimes a better deal.

2. Canton, TX

3. Round Top, TX

4. Grandma's House

5. Craigslist

6. Half Price Books. We get large bundles of vintage books at Half Price books.

7. Online. Farmhouse Living now has a unique finds section!

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