Layered Rugs: Yes or No?

We recently just shared our Coastal Farmhouse Living Room reveal. We layered two rugs in this space and it started such a fun conversation! Is this whole rug layering thing a trend or is it here to stay? Are there rules to follow when layering? 


I’ll start by telling you why we did it. We are crazy dog ladies around here. My mom has three dogs, so things must be washable. This is why we’re always sharing the white slipcovered couches, because they’re so easy to wash. In this space we layered a thinner cotton rug on top of a thicker jute rug. The jute rug keeps the thin rug in place and the thin rug is easy to throw in the washing machine. It’s the perfect duo. I wasn’t sure the jute rug was going to keep the top rug down, but it’s been great so far. I think this reason alone will make this trend stick around for a bit.

michelles house-7209.jpg
michelles house-7251.jpg


I love neutrals. I think texture is what makes a neutral palette POP. Designing a space with two rugs with different textures adds contrast in a really simple way. There is beauty in simplicity my friends.

michelles house-7255.jpg
michelles house-7235.jpg


The coffee table in my mom’s living room is an old door made into a table. It’s a really fun statement. I feel like the layered rug draws attention to what’s in the center.  


  1. Choose a neutral base

  2. Choose 12” - 18” in size difference

  3. If you’re doing a bold pattern let it be the statement

  4. If you want to get wide layer a cow hide

  5. If you’re not brave enough to try in your home layer on your porch

SOURCE: Camielle Styles

SOURCE: Camielle Styles

What are your thoughts on layering rugs? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or here on Instagram!