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We’re excited for another home tour on the blog! We love touring DFW local homes to share on the blog, selfishly for our own inspiration, but of course to share with you. This week we’re sharing Kailee Fodge of A Dash of Koko’s Home! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to shop the look!

Decorating with minimalism is a gift! It takes a great eye while shopping and a willingness to let go of things. Kailee Fodge’s home has us excited for some spring cleaning and intentional decorating. Not only is Kailee a local friend, but she has been inspiring us online for quite awhile. Today we’re sharing her home tour plus our best shopping tips for you to create an intentionally decorated space like hers.

Name: Kailee Fodge, Blogger
Location: Rockwall, Texas
Years Lived In: 3 years
Rent or Own: Own

Below are our favorite take aways from Kailee’s home plus some great inspiration straight from Kailee during our interview!

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Kailee Fodge Home Tour-0480.jpg
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TAKE AWAY 1: Give into the Itch to Switch

We love that Kailee switches her decor regularly. But do this Marie Condo style where when you bring in new decor you remove items. Shop for items that are cost effective to be changed seasonally. Make you investment pieces be simple, neutral items that you’ll keep as trends change. If you really have the itch to switch don’t be afraid to move things from room to room.

One tip I love that Kailee shared is when shopping keep a photo of the space on hand. This will allow you to mix styles easily, see what pieces your in need of and be thoughtfully with your decor choices.

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TAKE AWAY 2: Embrace White Space

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in their home is TOO MUCH STUFF. We stuff our homes with everything we like. I saw a quote that said, “If everything is important then nothing is.” You can tell when someone is intentional with what they bring in their home and Kailee most definitely is. She has the most style with less stuff.

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How long have you been living in your home? Have you changed anything about it since you first moved in?

We have been living in our home for three years. We haven’t changed much; however, we did add wood floors and new lighting in the master.

We love celebrating local at Farmhouse Living. What is your favorite part about living in Rockwall? What do you love about the community there?

My favorite part about living in Rockwall is that even though it’s a relatively large town, it still feels very small.

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You have such a well a-pointed home. How often do you change up your home & where do you shop when you're making these changes?

I change my home a lot, basically every other month or so. I try to make small changes that add to the aesthetic of our home. I have kept our large furniture for about three years, but I change the small decor items pretty frequently. I like to shop at Homegoods, At Home, and TJ Maxx for small decor items and pillows.  

We really love your blog – what made you start blogging & how did you decide what you wanted to blog about?

I started blogging a few years back to just have a creative outlet filled with products I loved. I intended to do more fashion than home decor; however, I have always been in love with changing our house. It made more sense for me to focus on home.

What is your favorite space in your home and why?

I love our kitchen because everything in the home centers around it. It is bright, airy and inviting for guests.

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Are you completely done with your home or do you have designs for the future?

My current design plans for the house is to incorporate new light fixtures. I have a lot of builder grade fixtures that I intend to change soon hopefully.

Who is your favorite influencer online to follow?

I love following Katie, from Halfway Wholeistic. I love how her home is so simple, but also so put together.

Thank you Kailee for sharing your gorgeous home with us and letting us get to know you a little better. You can find Kailee at ADashofKoko.com and @KaileeFodge on Instagram.

If you are interested in being featured on the Farmhouse Living blog with a home tour you can reach out here! We’d love to get to know you.


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