Christmas Decorating Tips + GIVEAWAY

We love a Christmas home tour! And this years Rockwall Holiday Home tour did not disappoint. Every home was unique and beautiful! While Christmas decor was in abundance throughout every home, each one was incredibly well appointed. Touches of fresh florals and greenery paired with everything we know and love from Christmas. There were gingerbread houses, santas, snowmen, nutcrackers, angels, nativity scenes and reindeer. The ladies of the home went above and beyond and they were happy to share stories about the history of their homes, whether old or new.

Since many of our readers are not local we decided we take you on a tour by our favorite method, video + photos. We also have compiled our best tips and thoughts we took aways from the tour!

Make sure to scroll through the entire post for all the tips, inspiration + a giveaway! **CLOSED**

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There were five homes on the tour. Three of the homes were historic, one was a newly remodeled home and the other was a new build, but all of them felt as warm and cozy with treasures collected over time. Here are the tips we felt were incorporate in each one’s design.


We love a home that incorporates white space into their design. This is especially rare during a Christmas tour during a season when we stuff our homes to the brim. While the rooms were full of Christmas, there was enough white space that gave the homes a clean and well appointed feel. It gave the eye places to rest as it explored each thoughtfully planned vignette. As my friends Myquillyn Smith (@thenester) would say, “More style, less stuff.

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The laundry rooms, mud room and even the butler pantry had touches of Christmas whimsy. A simple garland  over the powder bath mirror speaks volumes. In our favorite farmhouse bath the towel hooks even had a little sprig of evergreen. Mini Christmas trees or figurines are a perfect touch too!

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This is one of my favorite tips to share, but one of those ones people don’t love to hear. This is because I’m basically sharing that home is a process that happens over time. That doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful from the start, but it just keeps getting better and better with time.

People normally understand this concept with everyday decor, but forget this with our Christmas. I love a longstanding capsule Christmas. Something that is classic and can be built on. Something familiar each year as new memories are made during the season.

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We ended the tour with Santa! Of course my mom, in the most Michelle of ways, yelled, “You’re not Santa, you smell like beef and cheese.” Note: It’s only humorous to make Elf jokes if everyone involved understands you’re quoting a movie. This man now thinks he smells like beef and cheese…

This tour was hosted by our amazingly talented friend Michele Howell of Vintage Home Designs. Each home was BEAUTIFUL and gave us so much inspiration. We’d love to know your thought in the comments below. Are you inspired by this home tour? Have you decorated for Christmas this year?

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