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Family Inspired Home Decor

There's nothing sweeter than customized home decor—design that can only be inspired by YOUR FAMILY. Home isn't marble counter tops and hardwood floors. It's not beautiful throw pillows and that farmhouse table in the dining room. It's the people that come home every day. Today we’re sharing inspiration we’ve gathered for decorating a home sweet home with family in mind.

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Farmhouse Minimalism

Recently, I read a blog from Rachel at Nourishing Minimalism. The title of her page says it all. Many times when people come into my home they look around to take in the space and comment that they wish they had a home like this, they tell us how beautiful our home is or share how it makes them feel. When they ask me if I’ll help them with their space, I’m always happy to do that. But one of the first secrets I share with friends or clients is the reason they love my home is its simplicity. Walk into a space that is open and light with a few well appointed touches and you feel good. That’s my secret sauce.

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Farmhouse Living Guide to Round Top

On a recent trip to Round Top we were guests of The Prairie. And we couldn’t have been more thankful. While this trip was in the fall, Texas heat, along with extreme humidity made shopping almost unbearable! So time spent in the mid 1800’s prairie farmhouse updated with modern amenities like A/C was a dream.

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