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Best Farmhouse Faux Florals


For those of you with black thumbs, who swear you can’t keep plants alive… this post is for you! You don’t have to live your entire life without greenery. This week on our YouTube channel I brought our in house plant lady, Charlee, to style florals throughout the model apartment we staged at the Village of Rowlett.  We’ve carefully curated and compiled the best faux plants, that actually make the cut and look & feel realistic,  PLUS sharing how to incorporate them in your design. 


I love the idea of having real plants and florals in the house, but sometimes it really can be a challenge. Faux plants get such a bad rap, but technology on faux florals have come along way. These aren't the silk, tacky florals your grandma would display. Sometimes they are a bit more pricey, but definitely worth the investment. A good rule of thumb is to source a plant that has waxy texture on the leaves, often called 'real touch'. They are the most convincing. Actually, once when I took our faux succulents to a show I also had a real succulent and I polled people who visited our booth to see if they knew which was real and fake. Most people guessed the real was fake! It was the craziest thing.  The best part is the only maintenance required for faux houseplants is dusting.

Another easy, maintenance-free plant to look for is of the preserved variety. You often times see boxwood wreaths or preserved branches- these are really the best of both worlds. They're the most expensive options, but look pretty amazing! Below our design tips you can shop our favorite florals! They are all in a mid-range price point. 


This might be a controversial opinion for the real plant ladies. I love having real plants, but I also like some effort free decor. My best tips for this is to let your real plants be the foundation. You've heard me say it and I'll say it again, I always have an itch to switch. This means I'm always moving those pretty plants around...that's probably why my real plants don't make it all that often. When I let them be and give them one consistent home and just move around the faux guys, it makes for a happier home for my living plants. 


I'm guilty of decorating with all neutrals. My favorite color to make a statement right now is black...With that being said, sometimes a space just needs a little pop of something. If you're a neutral girl like me, but you are craving a different statement, faux florals are the secret sauce. They have such an impact on a space with out the fuss. Truly the best non commitment way to add color. 

Real Touch Florals 2.jpg

I have also seen a blogger I love to follow, Lauren McBride, on Instagram talk about this affordable faux fiddle leaf fig is you're not into DIY!

Shop the Look - Faux Florals.jpg


From texture, color, scale, and even reflective qualities, the following are faux plants I would actually recommend… the next best option to the real thing.

1// Pittosporum Leaf Stem 2// Eucalyptus 3// Cow Parsley

4// Real Touch Mini Tulips 5// Faux Succulents 6// Real Touch Green Magnolias 7// Large Real Touch Tulips 8// Pink Poppies

Would you believe me if I told you the above leaves are faux? Well, they are! Obviously, these aren’t the real thing… so there will be some differences, but overall- I think they’re pretty convincing. Would you ever go faux? Comment below with your thoughts. Use the #FarmhouseLiving and share your favorite ways to use Faux Florals. 

Happy Decorating,