Bathroom Makeover - How to Paint Shower Tile (with VIDEO)

Well we’ve been working on our 1960’s Ranch for over a year now and the guest bathroom has not been my priority. The plan when we purchased the house was to fully gut it with the rest of the house and start from scratch with new tile and updated everything. The demo team came and found that the walls were concrete in the bathroom behind the tile. I didn’t want to pay extra and they didn’t want to demo concrete walls so we left the problem to be resolved later. One year later we found a solution for the creme and gold 60’s tile—Epoxy Paint.

One thing I did do in the renovated was replace the floor tile and the vanity which you can see below. The porcelain tub was in great shape so I was excited to be able to keep it! You can see the before’s and in progress below.


I chose to use the Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing kit because I saw similar tile online being refinished with it! The reviews were great so I thought I’d give it a go even though I’m not typically a DIYer.

My goal was to find a solution that was:

  1. Cost Effective

  2. Easy

  3. Looked Great

  4. Durable

If you have an ugly shower to transform, here’s you solution!



As I began to research for this project I realized prep is KEY. From other blogs to Amazon reviews, others who have taken this on shared the repercussions of not prepping and cleaning their space before starting. Since I didn’t want to take on this project more than once I took this step very seriously.  We scrubbed and by scrubbed like there was no tomorrow.  Use a product that will break down soap scum and other buildup that may be lingering around.  We used a sponge and comet.

Painted Tile 2.jpg
Painted Tile 4.jpg

After you’ve cleaned your shower tile thoroughly, sand the tiles with a 150 grit sandpaper. The sanding isn’t meant to take off layers of your tile, it’s just meant to scuff up the tile/tub to remove any remaining oils/grease, and to give the product something to adhere to.

Using blue painters tape, tape all along the bathtub where the grout meets the tub.  Also tape up the wall that meets the tile and grout and any bath fixtures.


Now off to the fun part! The kit comes with two tubs to be mixed—Part A and B. Once mixed start painting. Let me warn you. This product has an extremely strong odor. Not just kind of strong, but REALLY STRONG and it lingers. You will want to wear a ventilation mask for sure. If you’re goofy like us grab a paint suit because they make you laugh and you don’t have to worry about getting paint on your clothes.

When painting we switched between a brush and a roller. We learned the hard way that some rollers shed. This product dries really fast so getting a roller that doesn’t shed is so important.

When you take on the first coat it might not look perfectly even or completely cover. Don’t freak out! Phase one looks a little scary, but let it dry for a minute and when coat two goes on you’ll be so excited on how great it looks.

Painted Tile 1.jpg

I finished off by using bath and kitchen caulk, seal off the grout line that meets the tub. It creates a much cleaner look.


Guest Bathroom-00134.jpg
Guest Bathroom-00130.jpg
Guest Bathroom-00139.jpg
Gold and White Modern Bathroom
Gold and White Modern Bathroom

I was able to be pretty thrifty with this bathroom refresh. The lights are from Amazon and were less than $40 each! The art over the toilet is actually a toilet patent from Patent Prints on Etsy. I love it because it has a sophisticated look, but just a little quirky. The other small business in this bathroom refresh was the bathroom hardware that is handcrafted by Forge Studio Hardware on Etsy. I love her hardware because it’s unique and cost effective. The gold went so well with the mirror and the lights that I had to have them!

Gold and White Modern Bathroom
Gold and White Modern Bathroom
Gold and White Modern Bathroom

Would you ever consider painting your tile? Do you have any questions about the process? Leave them in the comments below.



DIY Bathroom Refresh.jpg

What better way to break in the bathroom after a design refresh than a bath for the pup?! All design projects much be pup approved! 😋

Painted Bathroom Tile
Dan Bailey Bathroom shoot-00297.jpg