August Supper Club

We’re super excited to launch a new series on the blog. Our heart for this little space online is not only for people to create a home they love, but for them to invite community in and gather in a way that will add so much to their lives. Our team started out as a group of women working at the store, but we quickly became family. Small business is hard and as life happened, this group got closer. It’s relationships like these that make life full. We hope our supper club plans inspire you to gather regularly with those you LOVE. At the beginning of each month we’re going to share our plans, tips and advice to gather regularly.

These Texas gals love Mexican food, so it was fitting to kick our supper club off with a fiesta theme. Choosing a theme ensures your supper club never becomes mundane. We choose a theme and follow our favorite food bloggers for the best recipes that fit this theme. When choosing them, keep it simple...The internet has some beautiful dishes and menus, but sometimes they’re too complicated. Having great food is obviously important, but the main purpose is to bring everyone together, under one roof, to fellowship and relax.

We did it to where one of us cooked the entire menu and in Sept it will move to the next person to take care of dinner. This will rotate accordingly. You could also do it to where each person brings one items on the menu. Whichever way works better for your group.

supper club-8677.jpg



Theme: South of the Border

Chicken Fajitas

Mexican Street Corn


La Senorita (with Grapefruit Swell in place of Grapefruit juice)

supper club-8679.jpg
supper club-8655.jpg
supper club-8674.jpg


Consistency is key to maintaining monthly gatherings. Keep the club consistent — same day, same time, same guest list. We chose once a month on the last Sunday of each month. More than that would have been a challenge on our schedules. If there is a month the hostess has to back out, no worries, have a backup hostess for the months they are unable to host.

If you gather and create these meals I’d love for you to share using the hashtag #FarmhouseSupperClub. Do you have any supper club tips? Share your favorite food blogs and tips in the comments below. We love hearing from you.

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