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This isn’t our typical post, but it definitely pertains to home and it’s definitely been on my mind a lot lately with the baby on the way this October. When you head to the store you see so many cleaning products labeled “All Natural.” With a little research I found that the term natural seems to be very subjective…This sent me off into the land of no return: all natural cleaning. DIY all natural cleaning to be exact.

Normal household cleaners are a Pandora's box of chemicals. Once you find out about it, you really can't go back. We are literally spraying our house down with carcinogens, and then trapping them in so they have no where to go, but in our bodies. The problem is these product work and I want my house to REALLY be clean. So I’ve ran through Pinterest like a mad woman to find the best recipes that REALLY work, because our house gets DIRTY with 3 pups and a baby on the way. Bonus is I’ve found that making cleaning supplies at home is much cheaper than buying them!


Based on my hours of scrolling I’ve found that Baking Soda,  Vinegar, Castile Soap and Lemon are the secret sauce to most cleaning supplies that you can make at home.

BAKING SODA: Due to it’s alkaline nature, baking soda is a wonderful cleaning agent! Baking soda is a safe and effecting cleaner because it can dissolve grease and dirt, neutralize odors, act as a mild abrasive and is non-toxic. Baking soda has so many uses around the home that I would consider it a household staple.

DIY Cleaning Supplies - Baking Soda

VINEGAR: For less than $5, vinegar is the powerhouse cleaner. When diluted, it works to remove mineral buildup, clean glass (including windows), disinfect counters and clean bathrooms.

LEMON: Lemon Essential Oil is widely recognized for its natural antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Using it in this mixture not only makes it smell amazing but makes it a more powerful cleaner for your toilet as it works wonderfully to dissolve dirt and grime.

CASTILE SOAP: Castile soap is derived from plant based oils and is safe for your body, your home, and your pets. I love the rose scent in particular, and use it for dishes, mopping, and gentle cleaning.

I’m not the expert, but I have sources the very best from online. 

DIY Cleaning Supplies All Natural


BLEACH ALTERNATIVE by The turquoise home

This recipe surprised me. It totally works as well as soft scrub. When my sink was supper dirty I put it down with a splash of hydrogen peroxide and let it sit. Then I scrubbed and it looked good as new. This natural recipe is number one on my list.

DIY Cleaning Supplies
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I put lemon peels in mine and it smells amazing and works great! I can’t smell the vinegar at all like I could with other natural recipes. Super cost effective and also effective on grimy counter tops.

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WINDEX ALTERNATIVE by a spark of genius

Replacing Windex was something I wasn’t sure of. I mean we have a GIANT window in the living room and I really love it to look clean. It’s one of my favorite features of the room/house. Well I’m excited to share this recipe WORKS. Mirrors and glass are streak free and without harmful chemicals.

DIY Cleaning Supplies-00966.jpg

TOLIET BOWL CLEANER by simply designing

These are effective and fun. I mean they’re bath bombs for your toilet 😋I got this little amber container they are in at Target in the Hearth and Home line.

DIY Cleaning Supplies-00967.jpg
DIY Cleaning Supplies-00969.jpg

CARPET DEODORIZER by puddles & pine

Okay…I stole this rug from my mom. And her 15 year old dachshund has had more than a few accidents on it, but it was just too darn cute to part from. I don’t fully understand the magic of baking soda, but this stuff works. This rug smells brand new. If you have pets, kids and carpet you need this recipe!

DIY Cleaning Supplies-00977.jpg

ROOM SPRAY by hello glow

If you research the ingredients of room sprays and candles you will quickly want to avoid. The problem is I need room spray. When my house is dirty running around with a little spray tricks my mind into thinking everything is okay 🤪This recipe does the trick.

DIY Cleaning Supplies-01003.jpg

I do recommend buying your ingredients online because I was running around the store for quite a while when I first got started.


Do you use natural cleaners? If so do you make them at home? I’d love to know your favorite tips and recipes if you see that I missed some. We love hearing from you so make sure to comment below.


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