5 Ways to Create a Meaningful Home Design

What does the design of your house say about you and your family? How can a collection of wood, brick, concrete tell a story? As I began planning my own renovation and taking on more design projects theres are questions I kept coming back to.

I see articles on Pinterest that say, "How to Make Your Home Look Expensive," "Shop this Look," "How to Make Your House More Farmhouse," etc. These are great for inspiration and I'm guilty of creating content like this, but lately I've been asking if these topics can create a home - a true home - or if they send us in a cycle of always wanting something else.

Sure, I will continue to be inspired by trends, but the foundation of the design is the people in the space. The point is: Home is personal. Here are my five tips to making your home unique to YOU.


Designing home can be so overwhelming, but you have permission to do it one step at a time. Start where you spend most of your time! Take on one section a month or even year! To me, a meaningful home involves embracing the tension between the state of daily chaos (a.k.a. living a full and meaningful life!) and the beauty of an evolving style. There is no shortcut to a meaningful home, it is a lifelong process of creating memories and refining your style to reflect what stirs your emotions and fuels your passion for life along the way. Once you accept that home is an ever changing journey you will find so much more joy in the process.


It was hard for me to decorate my first apartment, because I knew it was very temporary. The same thing happened when we moved into our "fixer upper." We knew the state of the house would eventually change so we just lived in like it didn't matter. We didn't work on the organization that would help us flow day to day or even vacuum the floors because hellooo we'd be demoing one day.

Finally something snapped in me and I realized I needed to make this chaos home. I needed to come home to relax and make memories even if it didn't have all of the features I dreamed it would. The memories we made in this unfinished home over the passed year will make the one day renovated space so much more special.

Whether it's an apartment, a starter house or a house that wasn't your first pick, make it home while you're there. You won't regret it.


I love Pinterest. I could spend all day browsing inspiration, but I want to challenge you to start with your family as you begin to design and then head to Pinterest for a splash of trend. Where does your family spend most of their time? How are you embracing the memories you've created? I don't have all the answers for your specific family, but I believe if you start asking yourself the question it will reveal itself to you. It's a part of the journey


You know that feeling when you walk into your closet stuffed to the brim and you truly believe you have nothing to wear So many people approach their home the same way. Shopping your home when you have an itch to switch is my favorite way to create a meaningful home. It reminds you of why you gravitated towards those pieces in the first place PLUS it's a great opportunity to declutter if it's not adding anything to your design.

Sometimes this means painting an old piece to add the refresh that you're looking for. I know so many people are against painting vintage items, but I think my grand parents would be happier with the fact that I'm using their piece that I was handed down rather than it be stuff in my garage because it's dated. This is just my two cents.


Even if the living room isn’t as pretty as you’d like it, or the grass needs cutting, schedule that dinner party you’ve been wanting. You’ll wonder why you didn’t spend time with friends or family sooner. The one thing I believe most about creating a meaningful home is that you have to share it with people you love. Who cares if your project list isn't finished? Open a bottle of wine and make memories with those you love.

I love to use the most beautiful paint colors and fabric choices, but at the end of the day my heart is to inspire you to create a home that's meaningful to you. If you're interested in digging deeper in turning your house into a home, download our guidebook below. These questions are the ones that shaped my entire design project. This is not a quick 10 step process guidebook. It's a sit down with a cup of coffee and dig deep for as long as it takes kind of exercise. Good things take time and building your foundation for your design here will be well worth it.

If you have any tips on creating a meaningful home share them in the comments below. We love to hear from you!


In this workbook we will get the ideas going on how to create a space personal to you. My hope is that these questions will shape your priority list and inspire you to make family first in design. This workbook is for renters, home owners, people in cookie cutter neighborhoods or one's with custom built houses. I believe home can be made right where you're at and this is where to start.