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Scales Old and New

Welcome back to more Spring decorating at the farmhouse, sweet friends! Today I am sharing one of my favorite ways to add a farmhouse touch to any space—SCALES! Whether it is a standing scale or a hanging scale, they always dress up the space in the best way. I love that they each represent a story of a simpler time whether they are vintage or new.

The basic balance scale has been around for thousands of years. In the 18th century, spring scales appeared. At that time the post office began using spring scales because of their ease of use. People used spring scales in the kitchen. One type of specialty spring scale was the egg scale, which was used to calculate the weight of an egg, the weight of a dozen eggs, and whether the egg could be classified as small, medium, large, or extra large.


Scales were used in stores for weighing dry goods. Some, for measuring spices, others for weighing fat slices of cake. They were also used by apothecaries, jewelers or to measure gold and coins. Some scales had a flat surface, others used a shallow pan.


My favorite featured a wicker basket on top rather than a tinned pan. The reason? These scales were made exclusively to weigh newborn babies. They came in special colors for baby. We took a sweet pic of Presley, our Farmhouse baby on an antique baby scale just for fun!


Vintage scales have always been popular with collectors, but both old and new scales are used today in home decor. Since we have much more precise ways to weigh our food and babies, the reproductions use a clock face in place of the weight display. This way they’re both interesting and functional. We’ve displayed some for you, and we’d love to see your display. Tag us on Instagram when you use scales to decorate – @shopfarmhouseliving and use the hashtag #FarmhouseLiving