Football & Bison Sliders + Blueberry Bbq Sauce

Blueberry BBQ sauce, fresh goat's-milk cheese, and marinated red onions bring out the best in these almost-bite-size bison burgers. These kicked up burgers will be a hit at your next football party. The blueberry barbecue sauce recipe makes for more than just a few sliders. Save the leftover in a jar from the weekends game for the following Monday Night football. You won’t get tired of them, the jalapeño adds just enough heat to compliment the sweetness of the blueberry. This is savory, sweet, spicy goodness!

Bison Sliders + BBQ Sauce



1 lb ground bison (90% lean) 4 oz virgin olive oil 2 tbsp minced garlic 4 tbsp minced parsley Salt and pepper to taste 6 tbsp fresh goats milk cheese, room temperature 8, 2½ inch diameter rolls or buns 2 oz butter ½ cup minced Spanish onion 2 tbsp minced jalapeno 3 tbsp olive oil 1½ cup rice wine vinegar for barbecue sauce 2 oz rice wine vinegar for onions ½ cup brown sugar ½ cup Dijon mustard ½ cup ketchup 2 tsp Tabasco 2 pt fresh blueberries 1 red onion 1 tbsp sugar  


Bison Burger

1.In a mixing bowl, combine meat, oil, garlic and seasoning. 2.Gently form 8, 2-ounce patties, approximately 1¼ inches thick and 2½ inches in diameter. 3.Butter and toast buns. 4.Grill burgers until desired temperature (for medium rare, about 3 minutes per side). 5.To assemble, spread 1 tablespoon of goat cheese on bottom bun, followed by onions and burger. Drizzle blueberry barbeque sauce over burger and top with bun, serve.

Blueberry Barbeque Sauce

1.Using a heavy saucepan, sweat onions and peppers in oil until tender (about 2-3 minutes). 2.Add vinegar, sugar, mustard, ketchup and Tabasco, bring to a simmer. 3.Add blueberries and cook for 5 minutes, cool at room temperature. 4.Blend in a blender or food processor, strain and reserve.

Marinated Red Onions

1.Julienne onion from stem to blossom, 1/8 inches thick. 2.In a mixing bowl, dissolve sugar in vinegar. 3.Add onions, season with salt and pepper. Let sit for 1 hour.