Family Inspired Home Decor

There's nothing sweeter than customized home decor—design that can only be inspired by YOUR FAMILY. Home isn't marble counter tops and hardwood floors. It's not beautiful throw pillows and that farmhouse table in the dining room. It's the people that come home every day. Today I'm sharing five of my favorite ways for unique home decor.

1. Scrolls with Unique Verse or Quote


How adorable are these hanging note rolls?!? This also includes 4 antique brass clips to weigh down the end of the paper.  You can customize your roll with calligraphy.

2. Farmhouse Boards with Family Name or Quote


I really love these boards! We customize them in house for only $10, BUT if you have a blank one (or really any chalkboard for that matter) you can write something special to your family. I like including my family name!

3. Customized Pillows with Special Date


I love incorporating when your family was established in decor. Plus it's a good reminder for the husbands to remember when your anniversary is. Let's help these men out. 

4. Custom Artwork by Aimee Weaver


Y'all! We LOVE Aimee Weaver. The artwork behind my mom's couch is custom from Aimee and it's a statement people point out every time they come to over. Mom also has some of her work in the guest room. She's really great to work with. You can make an order from her website.

5. Plan Family Photos for Canvas or Prints


PHOTO CREDIT: The Every Girl

This photo is from Shay Cochrane's Home Tour on the Every Girl blog. If you want decor inspired by your family...put their cute faces on your wall 😜 I love these simple black frames for her family gallery wall.

I'd love to hear your ideas for family inspired home decor. Share on instagram using the hashtag #FarmhouseLiving and tag us @shopfarmhouseliving or comment below!