Family Inspired Home Decor

Your home is an extension of yourself, reflecting your style, personality, and passions. It’s the place you happily go to after that long day at work, the only place that makes you somewhat comfortable when you’ve got a fever of 103°F, the place you can proudly walk around wearing no pants. The way you decorate, position furniture, and direct lighting are all paramount when it comes to making a house, apartment, loft, you name it, into a home – your home. Today we’re sharing inspiration we’ve gathered for decorating a home sweet home with family in mind.

Recently my team went to Austin for a pop up podcast for Kristin Schell of the Turquoise Table. When you walk into Kristin’s home you immediately feel at home. It’s so unique and perfectly curated. I spotted a few things that really inspired me for a home design centered on family. One thing was her couch in her breakfast nook. It actually didn’t strike me as strange at first glance because it’s all so beautiful, but I realized how unconventional it is when she described it during the podcast taping. Kristin shared how this well loved, a bit distressed couch was where her kids sat to chat with her while she was in the kitchen. It’s where they relaxed and had conversations about their day. Right next to the couch is a small desk with a note posted to the wall saying, ‘Great job on your book.”

Family Inspired Decor
Cozy Minimalist Popup Podcast -0426.jpg

As I walked around her house I saw the cutest prints that appear to be framed school work of her kids. How can kids handwriting look so chic and thoughtful?! This is even better

Cozy Minimalist Popup Podcast -0444.jpg
Cozy Minimalist Popup Podcast -0448.jpg

We love to add personal touches to every home we design. One of our favorite ways to make the home feel complete is to add family photos. This is a great way to personalize a space and show off all your favorite people and memories! One of my favorite family inspired design ideas is from Chris Loves Julia. These framed engineer prints that she made of the kids make sure a statement. I love the modern touch of these black and white photos. This is decor that’s unique to you and affordable. Julia shares all the details on the blog on how you can create this look yourself.

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Here are a few other gallery walls including family photos that inspired me.


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