5 Fun Ways to Decorate With Boxwood Wreaths This Christmas

Although the weather in Texas doesn't feel like it, the Holidays are finally upon us! We have the house decorated and we're ready to gather and celebrate all through November and December.

We recently received our Preserved Boxwood Farmhouse Wreaths and put them up on the website with our Christmas New Arrivals. We couldn't be more excited about these pretty little things. The quality of our new wreaths well surpassed our expectations and now we're ready to decorate with them in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. We've made a list of 5 fun ways you can decorate with our Boxwood Wreaths or ones you have DIY'd this Holiday Season.

1. Doors Dress up your living room by adding a pair of boxwood wreaths on each side for an extra dose of festivity. Of course this idea is pretty obvious but it's your entrance so it's important to include. I love how Brittany from The House that Lars Built centered her wall decal with her Boxwood Wreath.


2. Chairs The dining table shouldn't be the only place in your dining room that gets some holiday decor love! Tie a boxwood wreath on the back of each chair for an unexpected touch.


3. Place Settings Use mini boxwood wreaths for place settings at the dining room table. How cute is this?


4. Chalkboard Advent Calendar Simply use a framed chalkboard to create a countdown calendar—a boxwood wreath adds a festive touch. We love this idea from Meadow Lake Road. The simplicity in her design + the pop of green from the boxwood wreaths makes for a fun interactive statement for Christmas.


5. Mini Boxwood Wreath Gift Wrap Adornment Make a simply wrapped package look much cuter by adding a mini boxwood wreath—you'll have everyone at the family gift swap wishing you were their Secret Santa. These cute gifts are wrapped by Lucy from Craft Berry Blushand we're in love. I love the versatility of craft paper and I’m smitten with the combination of the boxwood wreath and the brown paper.

 We'd love to hear your ideas with Boxwood wreaths! Share with us either in the comments below or tag us on  Instagram  with your ideas.  Happy Decorating!

We'd love to hear your ideas with Boxwood wreaths! Share with us either in the comments below or tag us on Instagram with your ideas.

Happy Decorating!

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