10 Inspiring Non-White Kitchens

We currently just completed remodeling my mom's kitchen and we're in the middle of mines so cabinet color is top of mind. Today we have a round-up of inspiring non-white kitchens for those of you craving a different look. Although white is timeless and a favorite or ours, color can add depth and interest. These 10 Kitchens caught my eye and have me thinking of doing something CRAZY and out of the box in my kitchen. 

DESIGN:  Jillian Harris
DESIGN:  DeVOL Kitchens
DESIGN:  Studio McGee

DESIGN: Studio McGee

DESIGN:  Stephanie Kraus
DESIGN:  Julianne Hugh
DESIGN:  DeVOL Kitchens
DESIGN:  Courtney Bishop

What are your thoughts on making a statement with color in your kitchen? Leave your favorite paint color for cabinets in the comments below. Mine is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. It's just dreamy!